Watch the short video below from our friends at BlueSeventy to see how to properly put on an open water/triathlon wetsuit, learn how it should fit, and how to keep it free of incidental damage.


- Take it slow! :  Be gentle with the suit and take your time putting it on to ensure you don't

 damage the suit on accident. Best practice is to grab the suit with the thumb and forefinger to work the suit up. Avoid grabbing with the fingernails as this can damage the suit.

Tight squeeze: The nature of the wetsuit is that it will be snug against your skin as you

don't want water pooling up in the suit. This can be an odd feeling at first if you have never tried one before, but don't let it scare you! The neoprene material will relax in the water and being in a horizontal position rather than standing up allows the suit to sit more comfortably.

In the water:      It is important to remember that a wetsuit is not meant be a dry suit. You

will get wet while in the water. The wetsuit aids the user mostly in buoyancy through the hips and midsection to have you float more and cut through the water better. You also gain some warmth from the suit by having a tight fit that helps trap warmth against your body.


If following the recommendation from above in terms of being gentle with the suit, caring for the suit and ensuring it will last for years to come is simple and easy.

After any use of the suit, be sure to rinse the suit inside out with cold/tepid water. Some shampoos and cleaners can be used on the suit but are not necessary for good care. Let the suit drip dry and it will be ready for your next outing!


Still have questions about how to get on a suit and the proper fit, or curious about trying one on yourself? Give us a call at 425-821-4301 or stop in to get expert advice on everything about wetsuits and be confident the next time you head out in the water.

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