Updated 5/12/2020

**Due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 epidemic, please visit this page for updates as they become available**

Dear Everyday Athlete Customers,


June 1st is just around the corner.

What this means is we're closed for customers coming into the store but it certainly doesn't mean we can't get you some great shoes, socks, or maybe a wetsuit to brave the open water.


Just give us a call at the store (425-821-4301) between 10a-3p Monday thru Friday, and 11a - 2p on Saturday and we can get all of the necessary information needed to either ship (free shipping), drop-off at your house, or you can swing by for curbside pickup.  We've always believed the most advantageous method to find a shoe is to try them on.  Since that isn't possible in these unprecedented times we feel the next best thing is to ask you questions and listen as we've done when customers were in the store.  If you know you just need a new pair of your favorite brand and model that's great!


Thanks very much to those who have already called and purchased shoes (plus a number of wetsuits with the pools shutdown) over these last two weeks!  We're looking forward to hearing from more of our great and loyal customers over the next month.  Hopefully we can help keep you moving while you help Everyday Athlete keep moving.


Be responsible, be safe, be healthy.


The Everyday Athlete Team

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